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Aside from offering special features and aesthetic appeal, we also strive to develop sites that are user-friendly, accessibility-friendly, optimized for better load times, and “flow” in a smart way that encourages people to stay on your site longer and take a specific action.

Websites With Purpose

A website should be more than an informational dump and obligatory internet placeholder. We believe that a site’s usefulness is vital. For each client, we build a unique website that professionally represents their brand, while also focusing on the group of people who will be primarily visiting and using the site.

We craft websites that serve individual and unique purposes. We start new website projects by taking the time to study our clients’ industries and target audiences, this helps us better understand what the site should do and how it should look and function. In every case, the website’s layout and interface need to be clean and easy to navigate on desktop and mobile screen sizes.

Website Design

For each website we build, regardless of its goals and target users, we start with the same basic recipe of quality, functionality, and style. In addition to our ability to blend images and words into attractive and organized digital layouts, we also provide other services and special touches to bring web projects to life.

e-Commerce Solutions

Now, more than ever, the ability to sell your products and services online is crucial. We have experience integrating payment platforms such as Square, Stripe, and PayPal, as well as commercial shipping accounts like USPS, UPS, or FedEx. With Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and other security hardening defenses, we help businesses deliver a safe and trustworthy experience.

Just having products with pricing online isn't enough to have a successful e-store. We will also help you with product photography and developing your product lines through keyword research, description writing, and product branding. Click here to read an article we wrote about preparing your products for online sales. 

  • Retail Shopping
  • Inventory & Shipping Management
  • Booking & Reservations
  • Ticket Sales
  • Invoice Processing
  • Secure Transactions
  • Product Photography
  • Product Planning & Positioning
Search Engine Optimization

When considering the advantages of investing in professional web development versus taking a cheaper alternative, search engine optimization (SEO) is one major differentiator. What is SEO? In short, it's the process of fine-tuning your website so Google can more easily index your site and its pages for searches. In short, you want customers to find you when they search for what you're offering, and SEO is the key.

By taking the time to develop keywords and optimize structure and content, the sites we develop are more likely to show up at the top of relevant web searches because Google can index and "crawl" the site more easily. Additionally, by developing our sites in WordPress, we can inherently better optimize the sites we build. Click here for more info about WordPress and why we prefer it over other content management systems. Here is shortlist of some of the things we focus on when approaching search engine optimization:

  • Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Text
  • Backlinking and Internal Linking
  • Content Development
Fully-Managed Hosting

We offer fully-managed WordPress hosting, which means we take care of all of your website's maintenance and support needs. Whether we're building your new site or you'd like us to refresh and revitalize your existing one, we can keep it running perfectly.

Website Redesign & Updates

Do you already have a website, but it needs to be updated? Perhaps you’re using an outdated platform like Adobe Business Catalyst that will be discontinued in September 2021, or your site relies heavily on Adobe Flash, which will no longer be supported by browsers like Google Chrome after December 2020.

We have experience accessing existing sites and updating technology and content, as well as migrating existing content from non-WordPress platforms. We will also gladly help you move your website from one server to another. In any case, we can also take over site management responsibilities. We'll provide you with in-depth web hosting and maintenance options, so you never have to scramble to find a new developer again.

To save you from being in the middle of two web companies' technical conversations, we will deal directly with any other web company you've been using or will be using. Easy peasy.

Contact us so we can start evaluating your current site and provide you with an estimate.

  • Updates For Existing Websites
  • Website Platform Migrations
  • Website Server Migrations

What Questions Do You Have?

Let's discuss how we can help you as your dedicated web design and support company. We offer customized and professional services for new website development and existing website maintenance. Send us a message, and we'll schedule a time to talk and see if we're a good fit.
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Words Of Encouragement

We'd love to work with you and are confident we can exceed your expectations. We have experience managing both small and large marketing/web projects. But don't take our word for it, check out the awesome things our clients say about us.

Blue Ridge Bee Company

"Starry Eyes Media is a great company to work with and very knowledgeable in their craft. They built a website that drives sales far beyond our expectations and showed us what true professionalism looks like. We loved working with them and continue to have them update our website regularly. I would recommend their work to any business owner that wants to add a professional custom website to their sales toolbox!"   - Will Lambert, Owner

Website Design, e-Commerce, Catalog Design, Product Photography

Black Oak ATV Resort

"Since becoming a client of Starry Eyes Media, my struggling business has taken off. I run a cabin rental business, and my nights of rentals have more than doubled. When I first approached them, I told them that I have a good product but feel like I'm not reaching enough people to let them know about my cabins. We sat down and collaborated and what I wanted my website to look like. It wasn't long after that they contacted me and said it was done."   - Bruce Sizemore, Owner

Website Design, e-Commerce, Branding, Print Design, Photography

Bucha Brewhouse & Bistro

"I have been using Starry Eyes Media for years and I am always so impressed by their designs and their professionalism. I highly recommend using their service. You won’t be disappointed!"   - Kayla Alred, Owner

Website Design, Brand Development, Print Design, Photography

Lawrence Brothers, Inc.

"We have been working with Starry Eyes Media for over a year now and have always been provided with stellar customer services and truly creative solutions for all of our marketing and branding needs! SEM is definitely a highly professional local company that we are proud to support and partner with!"   - Melanie Lawrence-Protti, President

Website Design, e-Commerce, Brand Development, Photography


"I chose Starry Eyes to work with because of their ability to be creative and "think outside the box." I didn't want an uninspired, canned, corporate approach. Also, I needed people who would have patience with my lack of experience in marketing planning and website development. Starry Eyes did not disappoint. They were patient with my endless questions, and I love the marketing plan, logo, rack card, and website that they developed for my small business."   - Kristal Straub, Owner

Website Design, Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Print Design, Product Photography

The Hatter's Bookshop

"Brandon and Cece designed a beautiful website for us. They shot great video and photos! They are friendly, professional, and most conscientious in their work. We highly recommend their services!"   - Tammy Dotson, Owner

Website Design, Photography

El Mariachi

"Starry Eyes serves my business with professional solutions to my marketing and website needs. As a local restaurant owner, their level of design quality is hard to find. I highly recommend them."   - Richi Rizo, Owner

Website Design, Menu Design, Brand Management

Lynnette Maynor Books

"I would highly recommend Starry Eyes Media. They were amazing with my project! They extremely exceeded my expectations! The work was excellent and was completed in a timely manner. They are a very considerate, courteous and respectful."   - Lynnette Maynor, Author

Website Design, Book Design, Brand Management

Taste Of Bridge Day

"On behalf of the Taste Of Bridge Day committee, I would like to thank Brandon and Cecelia for the amazing job they did in designing and printing our menus, posters, rack cards, signage, and Bridge day Art Project postcards! They went above and beyond on several occasions to be sure that we were satisfied with the results and to meet deadlines, sometimes on short notice. They did an outstanding job with turning our concept and ideas into professional and attractive marketing materials. Working with them on this project was a pleasure. We would highly recommend Starry Eyes Media to anyone wishing to promote their business or organizing community events."   - Kim Schmidl Feazell, Taste of Bridge Day Event Coordinator

Print Design

Historic Hinton, WV

"They were super easy to work with and I highly recommend them!"   - Sarah Rogers, Americorps Member/The Hinton Historical Landmarks Commission

Print Design

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