Starry Eyes Media

Website Design

We craft websites that serve individual and unique purposes. In each case, we identify the primary user groups, the information they need, and the actions they need to take to make their experience successful. We balance your website goals with the creation of a great user interface (UI). The final result is a useful digital marketing tool that represents and echoes your brand.

Before We Build

Industry Study

We research your industry and audience. Taking the time to study your industry and primary website users will give us the chance to plan a useful website that offers you a higher return on investment.

Clean, Conversion-Centric UI Design

We build each site to serve a purpose. Planning and designing the user interface (UI) of a website around the target audience is essential in creating a website that generates leads and sales products. Our goal is always to go beyond making a clean and attractive site and ensure it’s a useful business tool.

Brand Consistent Web Design:

We design sites that are brand-consistent. We take branding seriously, so making sure that the websites we build are brand consistent is a top priority. During Onboarding, we gather the info and logo files we need to create a brand style guide that includes your color codes and fonts, enabling us to create a fully branded website.

Company & Product Photography

We capture fantastic images that represent your organization and offerings. Approaching a website’s photography as an afterthought is a common pitfall with website development. Using raw cell phone photos without retouches is a quick way to turn a great website into an “okay” website. There’s no need to compromise; we include photography with our website builds.

Purpose & Appeal

Responsive Web Design

We design sites that adjust to each viewer’s screen. The websites we build automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the device from which they’re viewed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website to appear higher on searches. We use industry-standard best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), such as the use of metatags and keywords, to ensure our websites have a better chance of ranking higher in relevant search results.

Live Chat Via Facebook Messenger

We connect curious site visitors to your Facebook message. Having a live chat option on your website is often a great tool to convert visitors into leads and customers. While there are many third-party live chat platforms available, we generally integrate Facebook messages as an option. When someone sends a live chat message from your website, the message will be sent from their personal Facebook account directly to your company’s inbox on your Facebook Page. With the Facebook Pages app, you and your team can receive messages directly to your mobile devices.

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Other Defenses

We help you deliver a safe and trustworthy experience. We configure security software into our websites, giving their WordPress frameworks an even stronger advantage. For launched websites that we host and continue to manage, we install secure socket layers (SSL) for the website’s domain on our virtual private server (VPS) and run nightly backups.

Square Integrated Online Stores

We help sell your products and appointments through your website. We seamlessly integrate web stores and carts into many of our sites, as well as booking and ticket sales systems. Using WooCommerce, we connect Square, the most popular and accessible Point Of Sale (POS) system, allowing for inventory management and sales right from the websites we build. Note: Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a requirement for web stores and carts.

After We Launch

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We can host your website once it’s launched. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as the WordPress platform often have security updates. Aside from WordPress core updates, there are other software updates to consider, such as those for the various plugins used to extend a website’s functionality. Once we finish building websites, we can host them on our Virtual Private Server (VPS) and maintain the necessary software updates that are sometimes available multiple times each week.

Content Updates/Management

We can help you keep your site fresh once it’s launched. For those who are a good fit, we have Brand Management retainers that include all the aspects of our Managed Website Hosting package, along with the benefit of having a creative team on-call for web and graphic design.

Whether we’re crafting a new brand, website, or some other promotional tool, our process emphasizes research, brand consistency, and style, but to begin with, we like to offer a complimentary assessment to ensure we know exactly what we can help you with. During our initial assessment, we not only evaluate your current website and branding, but we also determine whether we’ll be a good fit for one another.

Starry Eyes also specializes in brand development and print design. We have experience with conceptualizing, managing and delivering full-scale projects for new and existing brands.

Our Process

1. Discovery

During onboarding, we take a moment to learn more about your company and where you’re leading it. Along with collecting general account information, we’ll also create a brand profile for your company that details specific info such as color codes and typography associated with your brand.

2. Research & Strategy

Once we get to know one another and share our goals, we reserve time to research your industry so we can better understand its unique challenges and opportunities. We also take time to uncover details about your target audience, pinpointing age groups, gender, and buying habits. From there, we formulate a strategy to reach your target audience.

3. Design & Build

At this point, we are breaking your project down into various tasks and distributing the various jobs throughout our team. Once we have concepts ready for you to review, we’ll send you a questionnaire asking for your feedback.

4. Delivery & Launch

Once you and your team approve of your project, we’ll finalize all the necessary files and send them to you. We love Google Drive, an extremely useful cloud-based file storage and sharing platform. Many of the files we share are too large to email, so we will send you a link to freely download your project files.