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What Not to Do as A Client

Clients Are Part of the Team As designers, we’ve all had to deal with people or situations that are uncomfortable or frustrating. But as a designer, it’s important to remember that the design process is a partnership with the client. Having a positive relationship...

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Adobe Catalyst Is Dying. Here’s What That Means.

If you’ve ever heard of Adobe Business Catalyst, you know that it was designed for businesses to create websites without having to worry about back-end coding. This sounds great, except Adobe announced that they would be discontinuing the service by September 26, 2021. They decided to end the service to focus on making other products. This means that anyone using Adobe Catalyst will have all of their data deleted and taken offline.

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Flash Player Is Dead. Now What?

All things come to an end. In 2017, Adobe announced that Flash Player was going to be permanently discontinued in 2020. Adobe Flash is a multimedia software platform that was once a dominant force on the internet. Fast forward to 2020 – Flash is dead. What should you do to replace it? Where do you begin?

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Adobe Flash is ending December 2020. This is a photo representing the end of the program.