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Project Components: Branding | Print Design

Where There’s A Will

Will to Win Designs is a t-shirt and decor design company in central West Virginia. Owner Ashley Hamrick was spurred on to create the business by her passion for raising horses and entering them into competitions through her other endeavor, Will To Win Barrel Horses.

Hamrick began to build the business from the ground up and joined with the WV Hive for marketing advice and a technical assistance grant. With the grant in place, Will to Win contacted us to design a brand identity, and a diverse range of print design collateral to raise their operations to a new level.

A Winning Identity

The first step in our projects for Will to Win Designs was to create a branding identity that captured Hamrick’s vision for the business. The business and their products are inspired not only by raising horses, but also the interests and passions of the people of rural West Virginia.

The logo we designed for the business is based on the literal branding mark that Hamrick uses for marking her horses. We incorporated this mark with a saddle-stitching motif, leather-look, and distinctive typography. Then, we produced multiple versions of this logo to fit all different media contexts.

Elevating The Brand

Next, the job was to fill out the brand materials with a print design package that would give Will to Win Designs everything they need to raise the game of their operations. This package included business cards, stationery, shipping labels, t-shirt tags, and a brand style guide to help them maintain consistent use of all these materials.

New Opportunities

We’re pretty experienced at designing logos, business cards, menus, and many other kinds of projects, but we don’t often see our design work as part of clothing! These t-shirt tags are meant to be fixed to the shirts, maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

Funding Assistance

The WV Hive is an initiative of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to grow successful companies right here in the Mountain State. Will to Win Designs selected Starry Eyes Media as its preferred marketing vendor in partnership with the WV Hive.

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