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The Hatter’s Bookshop

Project Components: Photography | Website Design

Independently-Owned Community Bookstore

The Hatter’s Bookshop is an independent bookstore in the Mercer Street Grassroots District. A small business with lots of heart, Hatter’s is filled to the brim with used and vintage books, as well as gifts, comics, coffee, and more. Owner Tammy  Dotson is committed to making the business a center of the local community and hosts a reading room and event space for local authors to meet with the public.

Hatter’s is a neighbor of ours on Mercer Street and used to be located right next door to our previous office. We love helping our neighbors out and so were thrilled to design a website made with the photos and videos we captured from inside the store.

More Than A Bookstore

An independent community bookstore is always filled with character, a kind of character you can only appreciate by visiting. To capture this, we produced a video showing off the rare books, inviting atmosphere, hot coffee, the rows of comics, and all the twists and turns of the shelves. This video is the first thing you see when visiting the website to encourage viewers to come and see all of the unique and charming identity for themselves.

Capturing Wonderland

We paired the video we made with dozens of images capturing more of the quirks that make Hatter’s unique. With everything from rare and vintage books, ethical coffee, Wild Berry Incense, vinyl records, and gifts, there is so much that makes the business an indispensable part of the Mercer Street Community. These photos join the video in acting as a foundation for the website we built for the store. 

Grassroots Neighbor

Wherever we’ve been in our history, Starry Eyes has always been deeply rooted in our community and there’s a lot going on in our neck of the woods, both in the Grassroots District and the Historic District. Hatter’s is still a neighbor of ours on Mercer Street and used to be directly beside our first Princeton office. It’s been a treat for us to be so close to our local independant community bookstore!

We love to help out our neighbors so it was a pleasure to help Tammy grow her business with the website, photography, and videography we provided.

Sharing The Wonder

Any online presence for Hatter’s had to be as quirky and community-centered as the store itself is, so we designed a website that could make that happen. The site has sections for the business to share staff suggestions for books, communicate with online visitors, post community events hosted in the store, promote local authors, share their blog, advertise their services, link to their Amazon store, and more! We also provide continual hosting and maintenance for the site.

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