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The Brain Training Center

Neurofeedback for Mental Health and Wellness

The Brain Training Center (TBTC) is an exciting mental health and wellness facility in Beckley, WV that specializes in neurofeedback. Their technicians measure the brain’s activity and train it for function at its most optimal level to bring a variety of positive live shifts to their clients.

The Brain Training Center is a branch of Dumas Psychology Collective, a community mental health agency. Dr. Kristi Dumas, a  psychologist and certified brain trainer founded this organization to offer more help to a region facing a growing mental health crisis.

A Mental Health Crisis

West Virginia is experiencing highly concerning levels of poor physical health, obesity, unemployment, poverty, extensive drug addiction, and sleep disturbances. All these forces mean our state is facing an alarming mental health crisis that can take many forms and be difficult to address. The Brain Training Center was formed to address this crisis through the benefits of neurofeedback. As this is such a pressing issue, Starry Eyes was eager to help TBTC in its mission to bring greater mental health and wellness to The Mountain State. We got to work on a brand identity that would help position The Brain Training Center to bring these benefits to people’s lives. 

A Trustworthy Identity 

Starry Eyes crafted a brand identity designed to communicate The Brain Training Center’s reputation for expertise in wellness and the benefits of their training program. This service was paired with a comprehensive marketing plan filled with marketing strategies and detailed research about the target demographics. The result is a branding package that is both lively and professional to earn the trust of potential clients.

Brand Wellness

A new branding identity brings excitement and energy to a business, but any business needs more than just a logo for clear brand communications. We paired our branding project for The Brain Training Center with a full style guide. This guide contains everything from your brand insights, such as audience and industry research, to details about brand strategy and visual identity. This included the color codes and typefaces we used to build the brand, as well as specific usage guidelines to ensure the best presentation for TBTC. 

A Holistic Marketing Plan

A Foundation for Business  

An organization like The Brain Training Center needs a marketing plan as detailed and thorough as Dr. Dumas’ psychological practice. The Starry Eyes team devoted ourselves to extensive research understanding mental health problem in West Virginia, the forces behind it, and the people affected by it so we could craft a brand identity and marketing strategy designed to reach the people who need it most. 

Besides research into mental health and wellness and neurofeedback, we produced a marketing plan including brand personas, brand tone, marketing channel recommendations, a social media management strategy, market size breakdowns, target market demographics, strategies for reaching the target markets, and a competitive analysis among other features.

The marketing plan, together with the new branding package and website, give TBTC every resource to be successful in their mission to bring greater mental health and wellness to their communities.

Reaching a Community Online

A website is a crucial platform for any business to reach the community they serve. For TBTC their website would be the first tool for earning the trust of potential clients and informing the public about the holistic benefits of neurofeedback. We paired TBTC with our web design services and built off what we learned in our marketing plan to give them a strong online foundation.

Starry Eyes normally uses WordPress to build client websites, but we have experience in several other content management systems that we use to serve client requests. Dr. Kristi Dumas requested a site built on Wix, so we got to work and designed a site that would serve all TBTC’s needs for communicating with clients and scheduling sessions.


Technical Assistance Request

The WV Hive is an initiative of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to grow successful companies right here in the Mountain State. Dr. Kristi Dumas selected Starry Eyes Media as her preferred marketing vendor in partnership with the WV Hive.