Starry Eyes Media

The Red Oak Grill

From Catering to Full Service

Owners Beth and Thomas Burdette had a dream – to serve up delicious food to the Fayette County community, and do it in a way that no other place could match. They started doing so with their former business – White Oak Catering. When they moved their sights beyond just catering, The Red Oak Grill was born. We had the honor of being the creative agency of choice for Beth and Thomas. As a result, we were honored to design the logo, lunch and dining menus, signage, and more

New Brand, Who Dis?

With a new name comes a new brand, and that’s so much more than just a logo. Starry Eyes Media developed branding guidelines, such as the logo, colors, typography, and over brand feel that you can see throughout our design projects at The Red Oak Grill.

I’ll Take Five of These, Please.

Menus are some of our favorite design projects. That’s why we were so thrilled to snap from product photography for The Red Oak Grill that we could use throughout the menus we designed for the restaurant. To make things better, this photography can be used throughout other design projects and on digital media. Product photography helps the client know exactly what their meal will look like when it arrives to the table, and takes away the guess work.

Project Samples