Starry Eyes Media

Lynnette Maynor

Bringing A Book To Life

Lynnette Maynor is a children’s author and she had a new book, Heaven How to Live Til We Get There, she needed help formatting. After her previous experience with a design team at a publishing firm, she was overwhelmed by the challenge of getting her book done right.

Working With Her Content

When we say her book was almost done, we mean Lynnette had already written the pages and had accompanying images completed by an illustrator. It was up to us to organize everything, develop font and color themes, and put it into a nice and neat file format for both print and digital publishing. This also involved digital manipulation of the paintings illustrated by Judy Plumley.

Proofing And Revisions

Lynnette and the Starry Eyes team developed a close relationship through this process. Together, we worked to perfect the final copy of the book, a project that we were all very proud of.

Surprise Branding

During our time planning and designing Lynnette’s book we stumbled upon a brand concept that we quickly developed and were able to translate to other print and digital mediums, such as bookmarks and tee shirts.

From Print to Digital Services

During her first book project, before meeting Starry Eyes, Lynnette had hired a freelance web designer that provided her with a WordPress website to promote and sell her first book. While working with us, Lynnette decided to let us help her with her online presence. We coordinated with Lynnette’s previous web developer to get her domain and other information. We began hosting her old site, making a few quick updates, before planning, designing and launching her a new website.

Project Samples