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Hinton - A Walking Tour Brochure Cover
Historic Hinton, WV

Tracking a Rich Rail History

Hinton, full of beautifully crafted architecture, was established in 1873 and chartered in 1897. In 1984, most of Hinton, WV was placed on the National Register of Historic Places

We were charged by the City of Hinton with the compilation of a “walking tour” brochure, meant to outline key historical places within Hinton, including a reference map.

These boots are made for walking…

And that’s just what you’ll want them to do when you’re in historic Hinton, West Virginia. Along with the local business renaissance currently developing in Hinton, you’re going to love browsing the area and taking in the sights.

A Guided Tour

During this print design process, we restored some old black and white photos of the buildings from when they were first built into the city. This allowed us to take some time to make the cover even better. After the design was approved by city officials, we handled the coordinating of getting 1,000 – 11″ x 17″ tri-fold brochures printed and delivered.

Maps, Maps, Maps

The process of creating a map for the Historic Hinton project involved pulling the map from Google Maps to make sure that we had the most up to date version of the street names and building locations. We used this map to create a vector version that pinpointed all of the designated landmarks with their assigned number for this project. This allowed tourists to easily find landmarks.

Vintage Logo Creation

We needed a logo that could go on the cover page of the brochure, so we explored a branding identity and put together a simple, vintage-style logo for the map, as well as making a vector version of a huge landmark within the city – The Bluestone Dam. We really wanted the tone and audience to center around a historic vibe.