Starry Eyes Media

El Mariachi

They’ll Spice Up Your Day

Long before Starry Eyes was starry-eyed, we all jumped at the opportunity to visit one of their restaurants across West Virginia and Virginia. In fact, they’ve been great friends for years. Once we were in a position to work with El Mariachi, we realized one of our first short-term goals. El Mariachi worked towards opening their new Richlands, VA location along the same timeline as our opening our Princeton office.

Fresh Scratch-Made Menus

Each one of our menu projects is immersive. We learn about the dishes and their ingredients. What makes each dish specials and how can we add intrinsic value to increase per-ticket revenue? El Mariachi’s previous menu had a ton of items and pictures. As far as its theme, there were a lot of opportunities to develop a new menu that had a consistent font hierarchy. We added vividness and color to the composition. We collaborated with RC Creative on photography, with us taking charge of post production editing.

Talk About Table Talkers

Working hand-in-hand with our new menus are the Table Talkers, large three-panel advertisements placed on the table, featuring periodic promotions, daily specials, and adult beverages. The theme and branding we developed carry through from the menu to the other printed marketing collateral.

Digital Flavor

Once we transferred El Mariachi’s domain from their previous web service provider, we created a temporary landing page that listed their current information, as their previous webpage had information that was outdated from years ago. We wanted to focus on the food and get visitors excited about visiting one of El Mariachi’s restaurants. One feature we incorporated to assist El Mariachi in serving the community is the Fundraiser Request form found on their new website. El Mariachi hosts regular fundraising events, which presents the challenge of collecting and disseminating information. Our webform helps connect everyone fast and effectively.

Project Samples