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Artistic Adventures Halloween workshop pieces
Artistic Adventures

Creating a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Brand.

Artistic Adventures is a local paint-your-own-pottery studio based in Princeton that hosts workshops, private painting parties, and other community events. Their mission is to provide a creative outlet to everyone who has a passion to make art, in a fun and inspirational environment. 

Artistic Adventures is not just another Princeton-based business like us, they’re a neighbor of ours on Mercer Street located in the Grassroots District. We’ve had an extensive collaboration with the business, producing everything from their website and photography to brand design and social media marketing.

Branding for Creators

Starry Eyes developed a new branding suite with style guide to direct the business’s communications. The re-brand produced a creative and stylish identity to reflect the qualities and goals of the new business.

 Starry Eyes had a great deal of latitude on developing this brand, and we made sure to have a lot of fun doing so. As creatives tied down by constraints of commercial art, it was nice to explore the possibilities of working with and marketing studio art. 

Sharing Inspiration

Artistic Adventures has a regularly updated schedule of community workshops based on seasons, holidays, and fun activities and they needed some eye-catching photography to advertise those paint-your-own-pottery events. That’s where we came in.

We thoroughly enjoyed staging the little scenes featuring the various bisque items. It was like creating our own little world of magic. Besides examples of what attendees can make in workshops, we also captured some customer-created pieces for the business to share inspiration with their followers.

Launching a Creative Community

When launching a new business it’s crucial to get the word out to the local community as deeply as possible. That’s impossible today without a creative social media plan to build a supportive community. One of our foundational projects for Artistic Adventures was to produce a thorough social media plan with post examples and strategies for reaching their unique community.

This social media plan was paired with other forms of marketing and advertising. We put together some marketing guidelines and designed print collateral to help get the word out and inform customers about how the studio sessions work. We even designed vinyl signs to decorate the storefront.

A Platform for Expression

Starry Eyes worked closely with the Artistic Adventures team and developed an elegant, new website designed to showcase the services, events, studios, and artworks created by customers. A key feature of the website was the ability for Artistic Adventures staff to easily create, upload, and schedule workshops and events on the website so customers can sign up online.

In the original version of this site, we had the opportunity to integrate two types of E-Commerce software, one for booking capabilities and one for ticket sales.