Starry Eyes Media

Print Design

Print Design

We balance style with functionality to create printed materials that serve a purpose and effectively deliver information to target audiences. With research that focuses on determining your goals and how we’ll accomplish them with your print design project, we take a ground-up approach that culminates in a fun and creative experience. We also offer photography and printing so we can take your project from concept to in-hand.

Publication Design

We take written and captured content and develop a layout that beautifully represents the work and vision of the writers and editing staff. Beyond that, we also make sure the finished design aligns with publisher specifications.

We are experienced with designing multiple-spread layouts and can help you with the following projects:

  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Books
Promo Materials

Whether we’re designing digital or promotional materials, we always begin with the end-user in mind, your target audience. Our goal is to help you reach your goal, so we place focus on their user experience that unfolds as someone interacts with your printed materials.

We have extensive experience with designing a variety of printed collateral. Here are some examples of what we love doing:

  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Exhibit/Tradeshow Materials
  • Flyers
  • Rack Cards
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Sales Kits
Collateral Design

Is your brand real if you don’t have the printed basics as proof? We love building a cohesive set of branded materials. Here are some examples:

  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Letterheads
  • Printing


Our Approach

User Interface-Oriented

We focus on converting viewers into customers. Whether we’re designing digital or printed marketing tools, we always begin with the end-user in mind, your target audience. Our goal is to help you reach your goal, so we place focus on their user interface (UI) that unfolds as someone interacts with your printed materials.

Content & Data Engineering

We organize and optimize your content. If you have several products and services that need to be listed in a catalog or pamphlet, categories and sections are vital to the information being usable and valuable to a viewer. We take the time to ensure an effective organizational system is in place for categorization and can help implement optimizations, offering you a formatted spreadsheet for personal use.

Professional Photography

We make sure your photography is representative of the quality of your organization. A part of good print design is sourcing and implementing great photography. While a picture isn’t always necessary within a print design project, we can help you capture product photography, team photography, and other images that promote your message and offering.

Content Copywriting

We help you develop body and language tailored to your audience. Aside from the styling and layout, we also take time to help you build your message, emphasizing how we describe your offering, so it connects with your target audience. We’re a proud supporter of Grammarly, which assists us with in-depth body copy editing.

Brand-Consistent Design

We develop printed materials that meet branding guidelines. As a branding agency, we couldn’t in good conscience design your materials without seriously considering your existing branding guidelines. During our Onboarding & Discovery stage, we gather your logo files and info (color codes, fonts, etc.) we’ll need so we can adhere to your brand guidelines. If you don’t have this info, we can help you create branding guidelines for future reference.

Printing & Finishing Options

We can take your print project from being a concept to in-hand materials. Once you’re satisfied with your project, we can wrap it up by creating beautiful prints, ready to go into the hands of your audience. We offer bulk discounts on printing, across a variety of print mediums, including paper, PVC, fabric, metal, and more.

Third-Party Printing Coordination

We can work with your publisher or printer to complete the project. If you are working with a third-party, such as a publisher, to finish and print your project, we are happy to coordinate with them to ensure your print design file/formatting follows their printing specifications.

Whether we’re crafting a new brand, website, or some other promotional tool, our process emphasizes research, brand consistency, and style, but to begin with, we like to offer a complimentary assessment to ensure we know exactly what we can help you with. During our initial assessment, we not only evaluate your current website and branding, but we also determine whether we’ll be a good fit for one another.

Starry Eyes also specializes in branding and website development. We have experience with conceptualizing, managing and delivering full-scale projects for new and existing brands.

Our Process

1. Discovery

During onboarding, we take a moment to learn more about your company and where you’re leading it. Along with collecting general account information, we’ll also create a brand profile for your company that details specific info such as color codes and typography associated with your brand.

2. Research & Strategy

Once we get to know one another and share our goals, we reserve time to research your industry so we can better understand its unique challenges and opportunities. We also take time to uncover details about your target audience, pinpointing age groups, gender, and buying habits. From there, we formulate a strategy to reach your target audience.

3. Design & Build

At this point, we are breaking your project down into various tasks and distributing the various jobs throughout our team. Once we have concepts ready for you to review, we’ll send you a questionnaire asking for your feedback.

4. Delivery & Launch

Once you and your team approve of your project, we’ll finalize all the necessary files and send them to you. We love Google Drive, an extremely useful cloud-based file storage and sharing platform. Many of the files we share are too large to email, so we will send you a link to freely download your project files.