Starry Eyes Media

Our Portfolio

While we specialize in working with those in the local government, food service, manufacturing, and nonprofit industries, we have experience assisting a variety of other businesses, helping them develop digital and print marketing tools that align with their goals and offerings. 

Product Catalogs

Periodically sending updated product catalogs is a great way to keep existing customers informed and interested in your goods. From organizing your products and writing engaging descriptions, to product photography and printing, we offer a total experience in producing functional and elegant product catalogs. We can also help you sell your products online so those browsing your catalog can quickly make a purchase.


You supply the articles and content, and we’ll develop a style guide, formatting, and layout to help you bring your magazine to life. We love putting together publications, and can also help with photography, editing, and printing. If you’re planning a new magazine that’s never been published, we can guide you in the planning process and help you successfully launch your platform, including a new website and branding.

Dining Menus

Each menu that we plan and design tells a story about its restaurant. We’ve worked with many passionate restaurateurs who creatively express themselves through their dishes, so we enjoy making menus that communicate the love that goes into the food they craft. Aside from including food photography, we also place focus on tailoring easy ordering experiences and strategies to increase per-guest revenue.


Many great writers have all the words and illustrations but can’t quite complete their stories. Although there are many avenues to getting your book published these days, streamlined DIY publishing often requires publishers to source formatting, design, and editing services. Moreso, eBook platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, require alternate configurations. That’s where we come in.