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Branding? Think beyond just logos and colors. Your brand is more than just a visual identity. It’s also the way you explain what you offer, why you offer it, and much more. Deep brand development begins with identifying target audiences and developing a way to engage and connect with them.

We divide our comprehensive branding approach into four core branding services: Brand Insights, Brand, Strategy, Logo Design, and Visual Identity.

We enjoy helping crafters and thinkers discover new brand identities as much as we love helping to refresh the DNA of existing brands. Our best brand development experiences include website development and the creation of printed marketing materials, such as catalogs, stationery, and brochures.

Brand Insights

Brand Development done right is a journey for both us and our clients, one that begins with research that helps us understand the unique opportunities and challenges within your industry and how to reach your audience best. The elements within our Brand Insight services include Audience Profile Development, Buyer Personas, Industry Analysis, and competitor analysis.

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Audience
  • Buyer Personas
Brand Strategy

Once we know where to aim, we develop strategies that determine how we’ll position your brand to be relevant and connect with the right people. We help you put your organizational mission into words and help you determine the best way to describe and position your products and services.

  • Brand Persona & Tone Development
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Slogan & Tagline
  • Brand Storywriting
  • Purpose Statements
  • Product Positioning Strategy
Logo Design

We like to emphasize that our branding services incorporate more than logo design, but we, of course, love the part where we get to design them. When we approach logo design, we do so from the perspective that your logo should exist within a family that includes components such as your lockup logo, brandmark, wordmark, one-color logo, watermark logo, and an animated logo. We also take the time to save multiple file formats for each of your logos so you can quickly and freely use them once we’re done building your brand.

  • Primary Logo Design
  • One-Color Logo Design
  • Watermark Logo Design
  • Animated Logo Design
  • Multiple File Formats
Visual Identity

When we focus on creating visual identities, we explore icons, color options, and fonts. We go a step further and develop a personalized brand book, which not only summarizes visual guidelines, such as your fonts and color codes, it also recaps your target audience and brand strategies. Having your brand book as a quick reference guide will help you and your team quickly implement your new branding.

  • Icon Design
  • Typography, Color Palette, and Photographic Style
  • Brand Book/Brand Style Guide

Getting Started

Whether we’re crafting a new brand, website, or some other promotional tool, our process emphasizes research, brand consistency, and style. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we like to begin with a complimentary assessment and consultation, because when it comes to marketing and web development, one-size does not fit all. Even if either party decides working together isn’t a good fit, you will still get a free Brand & Website Audit that identifies strengths and weaknesses within your current efforts.

Branding Examples

Bucha Brewhouse & Bistro

Brand Development, Website Design, Print Design, Food Photography

Camellia Mountain

Brand Development, Print Design

Almost Local Business Hub

Brand Development, Website Development, Print Design

Artistic Adventures

Brand Development, Website Design, Print Design, Photography

The Brain Training Center

Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Website Design, Print Design, Photography

Branding Dos and Don’ts

Remembering some crucial aspects of brand design will help you harness this energy and make a logo that tells the unique story of your business while being clear, compelling, and functional.

Signs It’s Time To Rebrand

Have you been questioning whether or not you should change your branding? Here are a few signs that indicate that it might be time to switch things up.

Consistency In Branding

Is your business not growing as quickly as you had hoped? Unpredictable branding could be the culprit. Consistent branding could help improve how your company is perceived.

How Color Theory Affects Branding

Have you ever wondered why certain types of brands always tend to use certain colors? Many companies and corporations use the color theory as a reference guide for their branding.

Liftoff! Starry Eyes Brand Refresh

Join us in celebrating the launch of our rebrand! After five years and a bunch of exciting growth, we realized it was time to update our branding.

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