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Our Community

Craft beer, vegan options, artisanal coffee, a local bookshop, and More? We’re a part of one of the most progressive and fastest-growing communities in the Appalachians. Click here to check out opportunities and things to do in our Mercer Street Grassroots District!

Grassroots Neighbors

We love bragging about our community and telling others about all of the wonderful things going on within it. We have an exciting variety of neighbors in the Mercer Street Grassroots District and Mercer Street Historic District. From healthy food to craft beer, we have a little bit of everything in our neck of the woods. Look through our Neighborhood Directory and come visit all these fun places!

Stages Music School

Stages Music School

Stages Music School has been offering quality music instruction, frequent high-level performance opportunities, artist development, music business training, and an out-of-the-box approach to creative performance instruction since 2008.

New Business Resources

Are you curious about opening a business in our community? Below, we’ve gathered information that we hope you’ll find useful and encouraging. 

This is a pie chart illustrating population sizes of key demographic groups in Mercer County, WV, including Millenials, Gen Xers, and Boomers. The break down is as follows: Millennials 17.21%, Gen Xers 18.51%, Boomers 26.32%. This information is based on the 2017 US Census Data.

County Demographics

Based on the 2017 US Census Data, Our county is composed of approximately 61K people. Of this population, about 17.21% are Millenials, and 18.51% are Gen Xers. More than 26% fall into the Boomer category.

Offices & Storefronts

We’re currently gathering a list of available offices and storefronts to list here. If you would like us to list your open space in Princeton, WV, email us at

IT Services

If you are in need of help connecting equipment and setting up workstations, we recommend our friend Jessica Fuda at Net-Works PC Repair!

Helpful Articles

Below you’ll find a collection of articles we wrote to give advice about branding, website development, and more.

This image depicts a digital illustration of a shopping bag proceeded by a branch of hierarchies that represent product categorization, a key part of production positioning strategy. The branching eventually leads to a US Dollar sign. The background is a separate geometrical illustration meant to represent the complexities of space.
Prepping Your Products

Prepping Your Products

Whether you’re planning on launching a webstore or you want to create a product catalog, it’s essential to diligently plan how you’ll position those products. Positioning your products not only includes how you will describe your wares in a way that connects with...