Starry Eyes Media


Even the observable universe was estimated to be only the size of a soccer ball before the Big Bang. It is our humble beginnings that have tempered us into a pretty cool creative crew. Like many of our clients, Starry Eyes began as a venture supported almost entirely by passion and hard work.

We work best with clients who are thoughtful and passionate about what they provide, those that are not only motivated by growth but also seeking validation for their dreams and ideas. Finding the right clients is a part of our method for developing inspiring campaigns. Passion added to passion can create pure joy and a project that reaches for the hearts and minds of an audience.

A creative agency nuzzled in the wild mountains
of the Appalachians.

Cecelia Thompson

Partner & Designer

Brandon Gilbert

Partner & Designer

Holly Belcher

Digital Media Manager

Dalton Boggs

Junior Designer

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve teamed up with clients across a variety of industries