Starry Eyes Media


Starry Eyes is a branding and web agency nestled within the luscious mountains of the Appalachians. We’re brand developers, experienced designers, and at our core, we’re creators of things. Since 2015, we’ve grown into a diverse team that features a variety of individuals from various walks of life. The collective result is a mixture of viewpoints, perspectives, styles, and strengths giving us a unique edge in delivering bold and daring creative services.

Our approach is pragmatic, personalized, and thoughtful, with an emphasis on research and continuity. We fuse our collective style and creativity with purpose and functionality to create bold brands and promotional tools. We specialize in conveying layers of information and visuals into sleek and stylish messages that connect with audiences. Our primary services include branding, print design, and web design. We work best with clients who are passionate about their craft, organized, and ready to make waves. 

Our Vision

We aspire to be a creative agency that contributes to positive change in the Appalachians and the world through the use of our art, capabilities, and resources.

Our Mission

To empower innovators and champions of ideas by crafting compelling brands, strategies, and promotional tools that connect them to their audiences.

Where We Create

It’s no secret that West Virginia faces a variety of socioeconomic challenges, but communities like ours serve as proof that change can happen. 

We love bragging about our community and telling others about all of the wonderful things going on within it. We’re proud to be connected with the Mercer Street Grassroots District, Southern-WV’s most happening strip, currently enjoying a local business renaissance.

If you’re not from WV, we invite you to visit our studio to meet our team of professionals. We do suggest, however, that you make plans to spend your entire day and evening in our community to enjoy the food, drinks, and fun.

We've teamed up with clients and partners across the universe.