Starry Eyes Media is a creative agency nuzzled in the wild mountains of the Appalachians. We specialize in brand development and creative services, with a special knack for designing promotional tools, such as websites, magazines, catalogs, and menus. We always look forward to projects that challenge us to convey layers of information with visuals in a sleek and stylish way.

Where We Began

Speaking of challenges, starting on your living room sofa isn’t as simple as it sounds. Starry Eyes originally began in 2015 as a home-based business, founded by two star-crossed lovers who knew their skills would help local businesses. For us, growing involved a lot of sleepless nights, gallons of coffee, and facing the unknown. We jumped in and it was either sink or swim. We swam.

Now we’re a team of five individuals with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skillsets fused into a creative collective of talent. 

Who We Work With

We work best with passionate clients who are organized and ready to make waves. We avoid working with clients prescribing to the methodology of “last-minute marketing,” a dubious management method we dubbed a few years back. We’ve learned from experience not to work with clients who aren’t a good fit.

Nonprofits – While we originally began helping smaller local businesses, we have since grown to know the joy that comes from assisting nonprofits. We also have experience with assisting government agencies, such as our state. We are happy to offer a 25% discount on most of our services to startup nonprofits that support progressive causes.

Where We Work

We love bragging about our community and telling others about all of the wonderful things going on around here. We’re proud to be apart of the Mercer Street Grassroots District, Southern-WV’s most happening strip, currently enjoying a local business renaissance. 

It’s no secret that West Virginia faces a variety of socioeconomic challenges, but communities like ours serve as proof that change can happen. If you’re not from WV, we invite you to visit our studio to meet our team of professionals. We do suggest, however, that you make plans to spend your entire day and evening in our area to enjoy the food, drinks, and fun.

Enjoy fresh-made kombucha and healthy food options (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free) at Bucha Brewhouse & Bistro. Take a stroll down the sidewalk and you’ll find, The Hatter’s Bookshop, a locally-owned bookstore. A few more buildings down and you’ll run into Sophisticated Hound Brewing Company, Mercer County’s first brewery. If you’re not in the mood for craft beer, across the street, you’ll find a craft coffee shop, Appalachia Coffee House. There’s also a music venue and a creative space for paint-your-own-pottery and art workshops, and those are all just a few places that first come to mind.

Within the next year, there are grand-opening plans for an 80’s-themed toy store, as well as a juice bar and a board game store. A lot is going on around here, and if you would like to be apart of it all, contact us. We love pointing entrepreneurs in the right direction and hooking them up with building owners and other community leaders. It’s also worth mentioning that the city of Princeton, WV, is offering various incentives to new businesses.

Holly Belcher

Digital Media Manager

Jordan Howerton

Marketing Associate

Brandon Gilbert

Creative Director/Partner

Jeff England

Studio Manager

Cecelia Thompson

Technical Director/Partner

We've teamed up with clients across the universe.