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Although we've temporarily closed our studio to the public, we're still providing all our services, while making some necessary adjustments for everyone's safety. To all of our family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and fellow earthlings, stay well during these trying times. ♥

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branding and promotional tools for those dedicated to doing what they love to do.

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We’re an Appalachian branding and creative agency fusing the stellar powers of marketing and creativity to connect audiences with innovative and modern companies.

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Prepping Your Products: Product Positioning

Whether you’re planning on launching a webstore or you want to create a product catalog, it’s essential to diligently plan how you’ll position those products. Positioning your products not only includes how you will describe your wares in a way that connects with your...

Branding Dos and Don’ts

Remembering some crucial aspects of brand design will help you harness this energy and make a logo that tells the unique story of your business while being clear, compelling, and functional.

Why Print Marketing Is Important

Have you ever thought that print is dead? Well, it isn’t, it can give you an advantage. Using print to advertise can help improve the quality of your business.

Signs It’s Time To Rebrand

Have you been questioning whether or not you should change your branding? Here are a few signs that indicate that it might be time to switch things up.

Reasons To Invest In Web Design

Have you ever considered creating a website for your company or possibly upgrading your current site? Hiring a professional to design your website is a simple way to improve your brand.

Consistency In Branding

Is your business not growing as quickly as you had hoped? Unpredictable branding could be the culprit. Consistent branding could help improve how your company is perceived.

How Color Theory Affects Branding

Have you ever wondered why certain types of brands always tend to use certain colors? Many companies and corporations use the color theory as a reference guide for their branding.

Liftoff! Starry Eyes Brand Refresh

Join us in celebrating the launch of our rebrand! After five years and a bunch of exciting growth, we realized it was time to update our branding.

Small Beginnings: Our Story

Starry Eyes is a branding and creative agency nestled within the wild mountains of the Appalachians. Over the past five years, we have grown into a diverse team that features a variety of individuals from various walks of life. The collective result is a mixture of...

5 Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing

It's understandably frustrating to log into your Facebook account and see hardly any notifications. If you're managing your company's Facebook page, growth is everything. Learning a few tips will help ensure that the popularity of your pages begins to skyrocket. With...

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