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We’re an Appalachian branding and creative agency fusing the stellar powers of marketing and creativity to connect audiences with innovative and modern companies.

Consistency in Branding

Is your business not growing as quickly as you had hoped? Unpredictable branding could be the culprit. Consistent branding could help improve how your company is perceived.

How Color Theory Affects Branding

Have you ever wondered why certain types of brands always tend to use certain colors? Many companies and corporations use the color theory as a reference guide for their branding.

Liftoff! Rebranding Starry Eyes

Join us in celebrating the launch of our rebrand! After five years and a bunch of exciting growth, we realized it was time to update our branding.

Small Beginnings

Starry Eyes is a branding and creative agency nestled within the wild mountains of the Appalachians. Over the past five years, we have grown into a diverse team that features a variety of individuals from various walks of life. The collective result is a mixture of...

5 Mistakes That Businesses Make Online

The massive popularity of the internet means your business needs to have an established online presence. Unfortunately, many companies find themselves making mistakes in the online world. In this post, you'll learn just five of the common mistakes that businesses...

What To Know Before Putting Your Business Online

Going Online Although moving your business online is something that you should do from the very beginning, some business owners skip this step. They may be establishing a company that works better with brick and mortar, or they may want to see whether they’ll even be...

Princeton – We Have Arrived

A Growing Segment of Southern West Virginia On April 13th, 2018, Starry Eyes Media opened the doors to our second office, located at 943 Mercer Street, Princeton, WV. Our first year in Oak Hill helped our business grow by leaps and bounds, and it has been out of...

What You Should Learn Before Building Your DIY Website

Ready to Begin Your DIY Website? So you're thinking of building a DIY website. You are probably a mix of excited and nervous. You might even be a little confused with where to start. That's okay. Whether you are building a site for fun, for profit, or for another...

Spooky Times in Oak Hill

What a week it was! Last Monday, October 30th, we were lucky enough to set up a candy booth at the 2017 Annual Oak Hill Halloween Festival. It was full of frights (like scary costumes and running out of candy) and delights. (Can we talk about how cool the two girls...

Historic Hinton – A Walking Tour Brochure

Hinton From Then to Now The City of Hinton has a rich history. Many of the iconic landmarks from the city's heyday remain today. The city's Historic Landmarks Commission received a grant to promote their attractions. They contacted us about planning and designing a...