Website Solutions

We craft websites that serve individual and unique purposes. In each case, we identify the primary user groups, the information they need, and the actions they need to take to make their experience successful. We balance your website goals with the creation of an excellent user interface (UI). The final result is a useful digital marketing tool that's accessible to the world, representing and echoing your brand. 

Print Design

We balance style with functionality to create printed materials, such as books, catalogs, and magazines,  that serve a purpose and effectively deliver information to target audiences. With research that focuses on determining your goals and how we’ll accomplish them with your print design project, we take a ground-up approach that culminates in a fun and creative experience. We also offer photography and printing so we can quickly bring your project from concept to in-hand.

Logos & Branding

Your brand is more than just your logo. It's the passion and values that drive you to do your work. It's the story and values customers relate to your presence. It's the way you communicate your business to prospective clients. In short, it's a lot and requires careful consideration.

We take a holistic approach to brand development, researching your target audience, industry, and goals to develop a vibrant brand identity and logo set to compel your customers and inspire your team. 

Star Log

Flash Player Is Dead. Now What?

All things come to an end. In 2017, Adobe announced that Flash Player was going to be permanently discontinued in 2020. Adobe Flash is a multimedia software platform that was once a dominant force on the internet. It was used to make animations, videos, web apps, and...

Why We Use WordPress

Our website development team has experience in two different content management systems: Drupal and WordPress. Of the two, WordPress is far superior for a variety of reasons.

Prepping Your Products

Whether you’re planning on launching a webstore or you want to create a product catalog, it’s essential to diligently plan how you’ll position those products. Positioning your products not only includes how you will describe your wares in a way that connects with your...

Branding Dos and Don’ts

Remembering some crucial aspects of brand design will help you harness this energy and make a logo that tells the unique story of your business while being clear, compelling, and functional.

Why Print Marketing Is Important

Have you ever thought that print is dead? Well, it isn’t, it can give you an advantage. Using print to advertise can help improve the quality of your business.

Signs It’s Time To Rebrand

Have you been questioning whether or not you should change your branding? Here are a few signs that indicate that it might be time to switch things up.

Reasons To Invest In Web Design

Have you ever considered creating a website for your company or possibly upgrading your current site? Hiring a professional to design your website is a simple way to improve your brand.

Consistency In Branding

Is your business not growing as quickly as you had hoped? Unpredictable branding could be the culprit. Consistent branding could help improve how your company is perceived.

How Color Theory Affects Branding

Have you ever wondered why certain types of brands always tend to use certain colors? Many companies and corporations use the color theory as a reference guide for their branding.

Liftoff! Starry Eyes Brand Refresh

Join us in celebrating the launch of our rebrand! After five years and a bunch of exciting growth, we realized it was time to update our branding.

Why We Use WordPress

Why We Use WordPress

Our website development team has experience in two different content management systems: Drupal and WordPress. Of the two, WordPress is far superior for a variety of reasons.

We’re an Appalachian-based creative agency fusing the stellar powers of design and strategy to connect passion-driven brands with their audiences.

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